Zac Brown Slimming Down with a Raw Diet


Zac Brown

If you’ve seen Zac Brown lately then you probably noticed he’s lost quite a bit of weight and is looking pretty fit and trim.  He recently told Phoenix’s KNIX that he’s been on a “raw diet,” where he only eats raw, unprocessed foods.  He says, “I’ve been trying to eat good and feel better (because) I’ve got four girls at home and all these businesses and building this camp, so I’ve got to be on it. It’s definitely pushing my food exploration to a whole ‘nother thing.”  Zac says the diet consists of things like raw vegetables, raw fruits, raw nuts and even some occasional sushi.  He does say this new way of eating has opened up “a whole world of stuff out there.”  He may not stick to a totally raw diet forever, but he says, “If I ever go back to a balance of a regular thing, I definitely have some new arsenal to go to now for flavor.”

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