Toby Keith Chooses Opening Acts Carefully, Doesn’t Give Advice Freely


Toby Keith

Toby Keith wrapped up his Live in Overdrive Tour for the year, but he’ll be back out on the road next year and you can be sure there are plenty of young acts who would love to score an opening slot on his tour.  This year Toby had Brantley Gilbert and Thomas Rhett out on the road and he says when picking an opening act,  “I always want somebody on the tour that wants to be there.”  Brantley was a perfect example.  Toby says he had been offered a lot of options for an opening act but Brantley begged to be on his tour and Toby says when he heard that he knew, “That’s the guy that you want because it’s gonna be a long tour if somebody don’t want to be there.   If they’re just there to help their career then you’ve got a bunch of people walking around like zombies backstage.  You want somebody that you can mingle with, hang out with, maybe write a song with and that camaraderie and stuff, it has to be there and it makes the tour a wonderful thing if you can do that.”  And while there’s a lot Toby could teach a younger act about the business he says he only offers advice if he’s asked.  “I’m not big on just walking over and going, ‘hey, here’s what I think you need to do.’  If they have a question like, ‘my label’s doing this, what should I do?’ then I’ll have a professional answer for ‘em.”  But otherwise Toby says, “It’s pretty much just hang out and be guys, leave the work on the stage.”

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