Tim McGraw is Still Considering a Run in Politics, Although He Has a Lot to Learn

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw has mentioned before that he might consider a run in politics if the right time ever presented itself.  The reason he thinks politics might interest him is because he says, “I’ve been fortunate in my career and I probably wouldn’t have been able to do the things that I’ve done, and had the success that I’ve had, and come from where I come from, in any other country than this country. It’s a great country. You always wanna look at ways that you can give back.”


Before Tim throws his hat into the ring though, he says, “I’d have a lot more learning to do to be able to do that. I’d have to be a lot more educated and learn a lot more things about policies and things like that.”


For now, Tim is focused on his music career, promoting his latest single “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s House,” which will be on his new album, Sundown Heaven Town, being released on September 16th.

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