Tim McGraw’s Two Lanes of Freedom Is Out Today

tim mcgraw CDThe wait is over for Tim McGraw fans who have been dying to hear the new music he’s been working on for the past several months since signing his new record deal with Big Machine Records.  Tim’s Two Lanes of Freedom is out today and he says the biggest change for him when he went into make this new album was knowing what was going to happen with it after it was finished.  Having made several albums that were shelved in the past by his former label, or picked apart and put on several greatest hits packages, Tim says, “Knowing that I was gonna have a cohesive plan with what was gonna happen with my music after we were finished with it … Knowing it wasn’t going to sit there for a couple of years and … knowing that I was going in to make a record that we were gonna actually going to be able to do something with and plan around it, plan a tour, do all the things that we needed to do to get the most out of my music.  I think that was the biggest thing for me.”  With this new chapter in his career Tim says, “I felt like I sort of came off a dirt road and hit a new gear.  That’s sort of what I wanted it to feel like and that’s the vibe I wanted this record to have.”  That new gear had an impact on the way the album sounds, more than anything.  “There’s sort of an optimistic feel to it and sort of a fresh feel to it,” Tim explains.  “I think that’s what I get from it and that’s what I put into it, I think, is the sense of optimism, and freshness, and rejuvenation I guess, in a lot of ways.”


Fans will have the choice of the regular version of Two Lanes of Freedom or the Accelerated Deluxe Edition, which offers three additional songs and a live version of “Truck Yeah.”  During the recording process of the album Tim says, “There were so many songs and there’s still other songs that we just didn’t have room for.  So, it’s just trying to find a place to have room for more songs and this was the way to do it.”  He hasn’t ever really offered a deluxe edition of one of his albums in the past but when he finished putting the album together and he had these extra songs Tim says, “I had them sitting there and we’d worked on them and they were so good and they didn’t fit the, sort of the way we originally wanted the album to flow, so theses were great to add to [the Deluxe Edition].”


Tim will celebrate the release of Two Lanes of Freedom with a performance today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and then he will live stream a special performance on Yahoo! Music’s Ram Country Live tonight at 10:30pm ET, which will originate from aboard the USS Midway in San Diego.  Fans can watch the concert for free here.


When Tim McGraw announced his upcoming Two Lanes of Freedom Tour, he also announced that fans would play an integral part in helping to announce the ticket on-sale dates in select cities through a partnership with the blog site Tumblr and a program called Fanticipation.  Fans were able to enter for a chance to announce on-sale dates in their hometown on their Tumblr page and Tim recently called several of his fans personally to surprise them with the news that they won.


Tickets for the following dates will go on sale this Friday: Charlotte, N.C. (5/3); Raleigh, N.C. (5/4); West Palm Beach, FL (5/10); Atlanta, GA (5/12); Pittsburgh, PA (5/18); St. Louis, MO (5/23); Chicago, IL (5/24); Indianapolis, IN (5/30); Cleveland, OH (5/31) and Dallas, TX (6/22).  Cincinnati, OH (5/25) will go on sale this Saturday. To purchase tickets and for more info, visit www.ticketmaster.com or www.timmcgraw.com.

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