Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Launch Soul2Soul Tonight in Las Vegas

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill will kick off their 10-weekend run at The Venetian in Las Vegas tonight with their new Soul2Soul show.  The couple has stressed that this show is going to be about the two of them together on stage, and not about their individual careers.  They also have worked hard to design an experience for the fans that is not a typical Las Vegas-style show.  “We want everyone to walk out of that room having seen and felt something – not just seen, because we all know that music transcends so many emotions and that’s what we want,” says Faith.  “We want it to be incredibly entertaining and the show that they never forget.”  Tim agrees and says, “You want to make people feel when you’re doing a show, you want to make people sort of discover something about themselves and leave a place with a positive feeling and feel like that they got something out of it, and it makes them feel better about what their troubles might be, and that’s what you try to do when you try to create a show. “


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