Taylor Swift Talks Flaws, Insecurities and the Future with NPR


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift opened up in a recent interview with NPR about her insecurities, her flaws and her concerns about the impact of her present actions on her future.  “My confidence is easy to shake,” she confesses. “I am very well aware of all of my flaws. I am aware of all the insecurities that I have. I have a lot of voices in my head constantly telling me I can’t do it. I’ve dealt with that my whole life. And getting up there on stage thousands of times, you’re going to have off nights. And when you have an off night in front of that many people, and it’s pointed out in such a public way, yeah, that gets to you. I feel like, as a songwriter, I can’t develop thick skin. I cannot put up protective walls, because it’s my job to feel things.”  Taylor also realizes that whether she’s on stage or not she is constantly under a microscope.  “There’s not really one day that goes by that my life isn’t documented somewhere,” she says. “I live in a world where I know for a fact that my grandkids will get to Google what I wore today. It’s a strange dilemma because it puts an amount of pressure on your every move that other 22-year-olds don’t necessarily have to think about. In the grand scheme of things, I’m living a life. … I know I’m going to make mistakes. I’m just going to try to handle those mistakes as a good person. The perception of you is going to change daily when you do what I do, but I just want to end up knowing in my heart that I did that right thing and tried my best, and if you mess up, hopefully it teaches you something.” You can listen to and read excerpts from the NPR interview here.

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