Taylor Swift Films Video with Rapper B.o.B. in Nashville


Rapper B.o.B. and Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift appears on the new song by rapper B.o.B. called “Both of Us,” and just last week they were in Nashville filming the video.  While the song is a rap song, the video, at least parts of it, have a very country feel to it.  In pictures posted on MTV.com, one scene shows Taylor in a field of wildflowers, another shows the two of them sitting in Adirondack chairs outside an old, weathered house.  According to a tweet from B.o.B., the video will premiere at the end of this month. 


“Both of Us” is featured on B.o.B.’s new album, Strange Clouds, and according to the rapper, it was actually Taylor who initiated the collaboration.  Taylor was quoted on MTV.com back in 2008 saying, “I’d like to do a completely off-the-wall collaboration.  I would like one of my songs to be the hook to a rap song. That would be so much fun! You know, I love Kanye West and I love T.I. — he’s amazing.”  Fast forward to her Speak Now tour last year when she was in Atlanta and she had rapper T.I. join her on stage.  He heads up Grand Hustle Records, which is home to B.o.B., and after meeting with T.I. about wanting to collaborate on a hip hop song, she was put in touch with B.o.B. and the rest is history.

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