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Two-thirds of Dixie Chicks Become Hounds

dixie chicks

Emily Robison and Martie Maguire of the Dixie Chicks are working on some new music without Natalie Maines, but they want to clarify that this does not mean the Chicks has split up.  Martie tells Rolling Stone it’s pretty simple.  “Emily and I had the itch, and every time we’d call Natalie and say, ‘Are you ready?’ she wasn’t ready. She wanted a clear-cut break.”  The sisters will release their album in May under the name Court Yard Hounds and their act will make an appearance at the famous South by Southwest music festival down in Austin in March, before heading out on tour.  All three Chicks spent Christmas together, and according to Natalie’s dad, who is also their producer, The Dixie Chicks “are definitely still an entity.” He tells CMT the sisters are “cutting some demos” and that Natalie recorded “a little something with them” about a year ago.