Scotty McCreery Chooses A Major


Scotty McCreery

Last week Scotty McCreery revealed that he plans to attend North Carolina State University in the fall.  He told The Country Vibe one reason he plans to take on the challenge is because he doesn’t want his life to be consumed by his career.  “It’s a huge balance.  I’m not ever gonna be that guy that’s out there working 365 days a year,” says Scotty.  “I care about my family and my home life and this all happened to me so quick I think it’s important for me to get in slowly and work my way in.  And so right now we have that balance.  It’s working good in high school  and college will be a whole other monster. “


Since he is well on his way to having a very successful career we wondered what Scotty would choose as his major.  “For me right now I’m looking at marketing,” he tells us.  “Marketing or communications, something that could help me out with what I’m doing, something could help me with this industry but not necessarily be music because I’m learning about music every day and I’m in music class all the time as an 18 year old.”

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