Rodney Atkins Will Wed Rose Falcon Next Month


Rose Falcon and Rodney Atkins

Rose Falcon and Rodney Atkins

Rodney Atkins will soon be joining the list of country stars who have gotten married this year.  He got engaged to fellow artist Rose Falcon back in July and when The Country Vibe asked him if there were wedding plans in the works, he said, “Yes, for next month.”  He chose not to get anymore specific for now, but speaking about his fiancée, Rodney believes she was truly a blessing from God.  “If I was planning that, there’s no way that that would have happened,” he told us.  “I really have gone into trying to figure out not my motives, not what my plans are, but what am I doing here?  Like when things go crazy and you go through struggles in your life, and you kind of leave that door open for God, like ‘God, what do you got in store for me?’”


When he opened himself up to God’s plan Rodney says that’s when he met Rose, and he says, “What she’s brought into my life is unbelievable.  It’s just complete peace of mind of what love’s supposed to be.”


Rodney just released his new single, “Doin’ It Right,” his first release since “Take a Back Road” two and a half years ago.  The song is the lead single off his fifth studio album, which he will release in early 2014.

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