Randy Houser Slimmed Down By Staying Home


Randy Houser

Randy Houser

Randy Houser has lost a considerable amount of weight and gotten himself in great shape over the last year or so, but according to him, “I’m definitely not what you’d call in shape.  I mean if round is one, I’ve got that covered,” he laughs.  While he does admit to working out Randy says the weight loss wasn’t the result of some fad diet or hard core workout regimen.  Instead, he tells The Country Vibe, “The biggest thing for me is I’m not out every night.  You know how Nashville is.  If you’re single in this city it’s hard not to be out.  You could find something to celebrate every day here and you can find an excuse to eat really bad and drink all night.”  But ever since becoming a husband and a father, Randy says, “That’s the biggest thing is I’m home.  I don’t ever really get out anymore unless there’s something really good I want to see musically, and there’s such great music around, that’s one thing that can pull me out of the house.  But most of the time I’m home with my wife and my little boy and I think that’s the biggest change that helped me most of all.  I think it’s just a lifestyle change for me is what happened.”


You can see Randy performing a song off of his latest album, How Country Feels, tonight on Conan on TBS.

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