Randy Houser Follows Up #1 Song with Release of New Album

randy houser CDJust as the title track hit the top of the charts, Randy Houser is celebrating the release of his new album, How Country Feels.  Randy tells The Country Vibe, “The biggest thing about this record I wanted to do was just have fun and that’s the main thing.  The last record I did, the Cadillac record, was definitely a little bit more somber.  I was in a different place personally for sure at that time.  And I think this record definitely reflects my personal life the way it is now, which is a lot happier and a good time and just a happier person in general.”  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some deep and personal moments on the project as well.  “There are things on there that are very personal to me,” says Randy.  “I always try to share a piece of that on an album as close as I can.  I think probably one of the most revealing songs I’ve ever written was the last song on this new record called Route 3, Box 250 D, and that’s probably the most personal thing I’ve maybe ever written.”


Something else that sets How Country Feels apart from Randy’s previous albums is the amount of writing he did for the project.  Being a new husband and a new father left limited time for him to write songs, of the 15 tracks he wrote of co-wrote seven, so he says, “This time I really had to lean on my songwriter buddies, and tell them ‘Hey, I don’t have time to do this and I gotta make an album,’ and they were really cool and just brought me the best stuff that they had, and it’s been amazing, an amazing process.”

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