Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton Celebrate #1 Song, “Over You”

Miranda Lambert

Congratulations to Miranda Lambert on “Over You” becoming her latest #1 song.  Blake Shelton, who co-wrote the deeply personal song with her, announced the news on Twitter.  He said, “’Over You’ by Miranda Lambert is the #1 song in the country!! Never been more proud of any accomplishment… Congrats baby.. And thank you..”  The song was written about Blake Shelton’s older brother Richie, who was killed in a car accident when he was just 14.  Miranda explains that they started writing the song last year before their wedding.  “I think maybe we had been talkin’ about Richie and talkin’ about the wedding, you know, sayin’, ‘Wish Richie could be there at the wedding,’ and it just kinda came to us.”  It was emotional song for them to write.  “We both just broke down cryin’,” she reveals, “and I’ve never cried writin’ a song before, and I don’t know that I ever will again.”


Although the song was written about a very personal tragedy from Blake’s life, he gave the song to Miranda to record because he after it was written he said, “I don’t think I can get through it in the studio or every night, so, if you would, it’d be an honor to me if you were to record it.”  Miranda says, “‘Over You’ is one of the most special songs I’ll ever record.”

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