Miranda Lambert Shares the Events that Contributed to Her Wanting to Lose Weight

miranda WH

Miranda Lambert is on the cover of the latest issue of Women’s Health magazine, and inside she talks about some of the events that led to her wanting to drop some weight and get in shape, besides the fact that she was about to turn 30 and knew it was time to get a handle on things.


She tells the magazine that one thing was being approached by weight loss companies to be a spokesperson and drop 40 pounds.  Miranda says, “I’d think, But I’m not obese. I’m only a size 8. I really don’t even need to lose 40 pounds. I thought I only needed to lose like 15, but now that you mention it, dang, I do look kind of bad! Thanks for bringing that to my attention, a##hole.”


Another catalyst was seeing unflattering pictures of herself in tabloids.  She says, “They were fan pictures shot from down below and you look like you have four chins, or it’s from the side and your arm’s pressed against your body.”


Not only would the tabloids print those horrible pictures, but then they would write awful and untrue stories about her weight.  Miranda says her mom would call her to warn her whenever she saw a new story.  “She was like, ‘I want you to hear this from me. I don’t want you to read it first. You’re in a magazine for being overweight’. “I was really sad. I bawled. It’s real mean for people to do that.”


One person who has loved Miranda at every size and wouldn’t dare comment on her weight is her husband Blake Shelton.  Miranda says she once asked Blake, ‘Why didn’t you tell me I was chunky?’ and he was like, ‘Do you think I wanted to get punched in the face?'”


You can read more in the latest issue of Women’s Health with Miranda on the cover.

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