Martina McBride Resolves to Get Back In Shape

Martina McBride

Like so many of us, Martina McBride has made getting in shape her New Year’s resolution.  In her latest blog she wrote, “Honestly, I am tired and a little “blah”. I’m trying to figure out if it’s a let down from the high of all the Christmas and New Year’s excitement? Or if I am just toxic and out of shape from all the indulging I have done over the holidays. Because, let’s face it, the holidays are really just a time (for most of us) when we say “to heck with it” and let it all hang loose. Literally. As in, I only wear baggy, shapeless clothing starting at Thanksgiving and continuing through the first week of January….when I finally have had enough and resolve to get back on track. Which, for me, means making healthy choices about food, starting a workout program, saying no to that 2nd (ok, maybe 3rd) glass of wine, and trying to get more sleep. I know, without a doubt, that as fun as it’s been to just let it all go, I will definitely have more energy and feel better in the next two weeks. “ She’ll need her energy when she kicks off the George Strait tour on the 27th of this month.


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