Luke Bryan Releasing Full-Length Spring Break Album

luke bryan spring break CDLuke Bryan has decided to take his annual tradition of releasing a Spring Break EP and turn it into a full blown album in 2013.  This year Luke will be releasing Spring Break … Here to Party, featuring many of the songs released on his previous EPs plus two new songs he has written for the project.   Just as the title of the album implies, Luke says when it comes to writing songs for the Spring Break projects, “We kind of write ‘em with college kids and Spring Break and that whole party theme in mind.”  As he has done for the past couple of years, Luke will celebrate Spring Break with two concerts down at Spinnaker’s Beach Club in Panama City.  Last year more than 40,000 fans celebrate Spring Break with him at his two shows.



1. Suntan City

2. Just A Sip

3. Buzzkill

4. If You Ain’t Here To Party

5. Little Bit Later On

6. In Love With The Girl

7. Shore Thing

8. Sorority Girl

9. Shake The Sand

10. Love In A College Town

11. Wild Weekend

12. Cold Beer Drinker

13. Spring Break-Up

14. Take My Drunk A** Home

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