Luke Bryan Explains Emotion Behind Winning ACM Entertainer of the Year


Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan

Nobody was more surprised than Luke Bryan when Luke Bryan won the Entertainer of the Year trophy at last night’s ACM Awards.  Luke admits that being nominated against Taylor Swift, especially for a fan-voted award, he thought it was hers to win.  Looking at his award backstage he said, “This is so unattainable.  This feels so unattainable that you can’t legitimately get it in your head that you might win it.”  Luke compared the trophy to the famous almost 100-foot tall Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with his arms outstretched.  He said, “This is what that award looks like to me, just up there on the mount.”


When his name was announced as the Entertainer of the Year, Luke became very emotional and broke down crying and he very candidly shared backstage that what he was thinking about in that moment were the people he’s lost in his life.  “My family has dealt with a lot of tragedy in our life with me losing my older brother and sister,” he explained, “and that’s the first thing you go to.  You know that they’re in heaven smiling down on moments like this.  That’s what’s amazing, that we can rejoice in the good things in life as a family and all our friends in our circle.  I just think about that and know that I have people in heaven smiling down.”  Luke also thought about all the people who are presently in his life who support him and make it possible for him to have the career he has and to win an award like Entertainer of the Year. 


To win it with the fans bestowing this upon you, the appreciation for it is at a whole ‘nother level.  I can honestly say that when I go to sleep tonight to go to sleep, I will say my prayers for being so blessed by God and the health to do this, but I will be blessed by the fans for doing this to me because I’ve just always loved this business and the fact that they know I love it and they want to go and vote and make me the Entertainer of the Year is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

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