Little Big Town Almost Gets Russell Simmons in Trouble

Little Big Town

Little Big Town will be in New York tonight to perform at the TJ Martell Foundation’s 37th Annual Honors Gala.  One of the celebrities being honored is hip hop mogul Russell Simmons and Little Big Town recalls a funny run-in they once had with him.  Karen recalls, “We were on the elevator with Russell Simmons in a department store in L.A. and he had on like a blue tooth deal.  And so he was talking, he was finishing up a call but he was talking out loud and so Kimberly was answering him.”  In her distinctly sweet, southern voice, Kimberly said to Russell, “I’m sorry, were you talking to me?”  And Karen says he whispered, “No, shhh.  And my wife will not like that.”  Karen laughs and says she cannot wait to tell Russell that story in person.  She says, “He was very funny and very charming, but I guess Kimberly’s southern voice pierced right through the blue tooth.”


Click here to hear: Little Big Town tells their Russell Simmons story (watermarked)

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