Lee Brice Learning on Tour, Deep Into Next Album


Lee Brice

Lee Brice

Lee Brice is currently opening shows for Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley on their Locked and Reloaded Tour, and besides the fact that he says both of them are two of his favorite live performers, plus “they’re just real people too, and that just makes it so cool, to be out with a bunch of real folks,” he’s using the opportunity as a great learning experience.  Lee tells The Oklahoman getting to open for them, “You kind of get to take in how a real show really goes down, not like an old bar or a club. I really get to see where their experience comes in and take notes… It kind of teaches you to be patient on those big stages and soak the moment in.  I love watching them. It’s entertaining. It’s just a great show to see. And then I love to take from that and really learn from it. It’d be silly not to.”


Lee’s current single, “I Drive Your Truck,” is racing up the charts.  It’s already in the top ten and he says, “It’s a big thing for us. I think it’s gonna be the biggest song of my career, and I’m really excited about it.”  In the meantime, Lee is already deep into working on his next album.  He says, “I’ve spent so many, many countless, countless hundreds of hours thinking about it, writing, putting songs together and figuring out an album to make it a full album and then dwindling down songs ‘cause I’ve already got too many.”  But he’s not in a rush.  “I’m a little more patient in the recording process. … I mean, just really taking the time to not just settle with a part that’s kind of cool, like really think about it and dig in and have an open mind to change anything and try anything. And it’s really making a difference, I think.”  Lee expects to release the album in about a year.

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