Lee Brice Duct Tapes Bus and Rolls Out New Song in Los Angeles

Lee Brice

Lee Brice recently played the Viper Room in Los Angeles.  He was a little nervous bringing his brand of country to the club that normally showcases rock ‘n roll acts, but he was excited.  Unfortunately his day got off to a bit of a rough start when a Los Angeles city bus clipped his tour bus while it was parked and knocked the driver’s mirror off.  The bus was loaded up with all their gear ready to transport it to the club, but couldn’t go anywhere because it’s illegal to drive without a mirror.  Another bus had come by shortly after the incident and clipped his bus a second time and ran over the mirror.  Lee told The Boot they were ready to improvise and load all the gear into an SUV if they had to, but instead they used some good old fashioned duct tape to temporarily reattach the mirror so that the bus could be on the road.  Those who saw Lee’s show got to hear a brand new song that he had just written called “Still Over in the Morning.”  Lee explained, “My ex-girlfriend showed up on my door step.  She’s like, ‘I’m in town and I wanted to stay, and if I do, I know it’s still over in the morning.’ I’m in my underwear out in the cold driveway and she’s still talking, and all I can think is ‘still over in the morning: awesome!’ So the next morning I wrote it with Billy Montana and Jon Stone.”

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