Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott’s Pup Becomes Protector of Pregnancy


Hillary Scott and Hobbs

Hillary Scott and Hobbs

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum is expecting her first child in July, but she has been a mama for a while to her two dogs, Hobbs and Baker, and she says at least one of them knows something is happening with her.  “Hobbs can tell something’s up,” says Hillary.  “He’s very intuitive.  He’s really smart, Baker’s not.  Baker’s beautiful but [Hobbs] is the brains of that pair.”  She says neither one of her dogs would hurt a fly.  “They’ve never snapped at anything ever, they’re so sweet,” but Hobbs has certainly taken on the role of protector of his mama ever since she got pregnant.  “That’s been really cool to see Hobbs change because he’s a different dog now that he knows something’s up,” says Hillary.  “If people are over that he doesn’t know very well he sits in front of me or like on me guarding the baby.  It’s crazy.  But he knows.  He’s like ‘I’m gonna protect my mom and whatever’s in there, cause I know something’s in there.’”


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