Keith Urban Will Be Inducted into the Opry This Weekend


Keith Urban

Keith Urban will officially be inducted as the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry tomorrow night.  Keith says, “What it means to me to be inducted into the Opry is probably no more than just a feeling of they know where my heart is – that’s what it means to me to get this induction.”  He explains, “My whole childhood is predominantly immersed in traveling around to country festivals and performing and competing in these talent quests. And you know, I was in this heavy metal band for like two weeks, and I got fired for playing chicken-picking guitar solos.  Cause what my conundrum was at the time was sort of like ‘Well what do I do? What sort of music should I be making?’  And the foundation was always country.  So to get this induction it just makes me feel like this is exactly where my heart is; always has been.  The Opry induction means to me I feel like they know where my heart is.”

You can watch Keith’s induction on the new GAC show, Noteworthy at the Opry, tomorrow night at 8pm CT on GAC-TV.


Keith Urban – The Opry knows my heart is country


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