Keith Urban Loves His Wife More Than His Kids


Keith Urban

In an article entitled “Keith Urban: I love Nicole more than our kids,” he tells The Australian Women’s Weekly, “We’re very, very tight as a family unit and the children are our life, but I know the order of my love.”  Many parents would say they love their kids more than anyone or anything in the world, but Keith says, “It’s my wife and then my daughters. I just think it’s really important for the kids.”  He explains, “There are too many parents who start to lose the plot a little and start to give all their love to the kids, and then the partner starts to go without. And then everybody loses. As a kid, all I needed to know was that my parents were solid. Kids shouldn’t feel like they are being favored. It’s a dangerous place.”  In explaining his love for his wife, Nicole Kidman, Keith calls her his “spiritual other half.”  He says, “I truly think there are only two kinds of people in the world.  There are people who love Nic and people who haven’t met her yet. I really do. People who say negative things about her, I think, well, you just can’t have met her yet. You can’t have.  Because she’s sensitive and joyous, and wonderfully compassionate and empathetic towards people, and she has a heart that is just infinite in size. She has such a zest for life. And she’s as loyal as the day is long. And I still can’t quite believe I got to marry her, quite frankly.”


By the way, The Australian Women’s Weekly reveals that the Australian version of The Voice, featuring Keith as one of the mentors, will premiere on Australia’s Nine Network on April 15th.

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