Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town Shares Unique Style with Lucky


Kimberly Schlapman and Karen Fairchild

Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town is featured in the new Lucky magazine discussing her unique approach to fashion.  Karen says when it comes to her and Kimberly Schlapman’s style, “I do think we are always trying to be fashion-forward and look at things that are coming down the runway even and thinking how can we make those our own and put them on stage. We like to do things that maybe no one else is doing so it’s completely original.”  They work with a stylist out of L.A. but they also offer a lot of input.  They also try to dress for their personalities.  “Kimberly is so sunny in her personality and just a light. She’s just sunshine in the room, and she dresses that way,” explains Karen.  “It’s warm, it’s sunny, it’s pretty. She likes vintage-detailed kinds of things. I like things that have more an edge to them.”  Karen used to even design her own prom dresses in high school because she didn’t want to buy anything off the rack.


You can read more about Karen’s fashion choices, including her favorite stores to shop in Nashville and which fashion blogs she follows, here.


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