Kacey Musgraves Looking Forward to Little Big Town’s Tornado Tour


Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves will be touring with Little Big Town for the next month or so as the opener on their Tornado Tour, which kicks off tomorrow night in Murray, KY.  She’s excited because this is her first national, long tour and she says, “Having a band of my own to sort of like become family members with is gonna be fun and interesting and different.  So I’m gonna be learning a lot.”  As for Little Big Town, Kacey has a huge amount of respect and admiration for them as both people and performers.  “I’m a fan first and foremost,” she says, “especially of their latest work.  I think right now they’re in kind of their prime as far as mindset goes.  They’re doing something really different, it’s really fresh.”  She also has a huge amount of respect for the fact that there are no egos involved in the group.  “A lot of times with groups everyone has to sing all of the time and I think that’s really annoying because it takes away from the space in the music,” she explains.  “And it’s never like that with them.  They just arrange it in a good way, like however sounds best.”


On a personal level Kacey says quite simply, “They’re just nice people.  They’re some of the nicest people that I’ve met yet in the industry, and I’m not just saying that.  They truly are thankful that they’re where they are and they like helping other people out and they’re just very sweet and genuine and I think they love good music and they make good music.”


Kacey will play 10 dates with Little Big Town before transitioning to the No Shoes Nation Tour with Kenny Chesney in mid-March.  You can see a complete list of her tour dates here.


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