Joe Nichols Pays Tribute to Special Soldiers in New Video

Joe Nichols and guest stars from his video

Joe Nichols current song, “The Shape I’m In,” is about how a guy is doing after he loses a good woman, but for the video he decided to go in a completely different direction.  The video pays tribute to those in the military who were injured in battle, but are making the most of their lives. Joe says, “I have had an opportunity to perform for our troops stationed in the Middle East multiple times, and got just a small glimpse of what they deal with everyday.”  He has also been working with Marcus Luttrell’s Boot Campaign and been inspired by his story.  So Joe says, “In a desire to want to do more with him and his efforts, we came up with the idea to connect the song’s lyric with what Marcus and Co. have been doing already – which is help soldiers get back into a normal life after returning home.”  The video for “The Shape I’m In” premiered early this morning (5:28am CT) on CMT.

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