Jason Aldean Would Love to Open a Big Nightclub if the Right Opportunity Came Along

Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean

A lot of country artists are interested in expanding their brands beyond music by getting into side ventures like restaurants, clothing lines, colognes or other things, and Jason Aldean says that’s something he would be interested in doing if it made sense for him.  “If it’s something that I can do that I feel like is gonna be around long-term, not just because it’s gonna have my name on it and people are gonna be interested in it for the short-term and then the new wears off and then it’s gone,” then Jason says he’d definitely be open to it.


If he could pick anything, Jason tells The Country Vibe, “For me, I’ve always said I would love to own a bar.”  He laughs and says, “I started playing them at 14.  I feel like I know a pretty good bit about the bar business.  So something like that would be pretty cool, but I’m talking big nightclub kind of thing.  That would be something I’d be into.”


Looking at it from a practical standpoint, Jason would almost consider it a smarter business move to not even put his name on whatever he does.  He says, “I’d almost rather not even have my name on it and just build something so that when my career’s over or whatever, and all the sudden my name recognition may not be that big a deal for what it is.”


While music takes up the majority of Jason’s time these days he says besides building his brand and expanding his business opportunities it would be cool to have a side business “just to have creative outlets for different things, whether it be clothes or shoes or a bar or whatever it is.”

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