Jason Aldean Looking Forward to the Simple Things


Jason Aldean

It’s been a huge year for Jason Aldean professionally and a bit of a rocky end to the year personally, but he tells People he’s just looking forward to winding down for the holidays and spending some quality time with his family.  “I’m on the road so much during the year, so what I look forward to the most is being home with my family,” he says.  He looks forward to doing the normal things that a lot of families do, like taking his two daughters, Keeley who is ten and Kendyl who is five, to visit Santa at the mall.  Jason says, “Things that simple to me are really cool.”


When he looks back on 2012 he says, “This year, the tour went really well, the album has done really well, and good stuff has definitely outweighed the bad.  All that other stuff is kind of in the past and we’re just looking to have a great year in 2013.”

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