Jake Owen is Anxiously Awaiting the Arrival of His Little Girl


Jake Owen

Any day now, Jake Owen and his wife Lacey will welcome their daughter Pearl into the world and Jake couldn’t be more excited.  He knows a lot of things are going to change, including the pictures on his cell phone.  Right now he has pictures of trucks and fish and places he’s golfed on his phone but he says once Pearl arrives, “Every photo on my phone’s gonna be of my little girl — every one of ‘em! My background on my phone’s gonna be my little girl! Everything’s gonna change. And I can’t wait (laughs)…I can’t wait for that!”  Jake’s excitement is very sweet.  He says, “I just want to see what she looks like! I want to see what she sounds like! I want to see what her smile looks like! I want to hold her hand! I want to put her on my shoulders! I want to see her dance, you know? I want to see everything, and man, and I just can’t wait. I cannot wait! It’s gonna be so cool.”  One thing Jake is worried about is how his bulldog Merle is going to take having a baby in the house.  He worries his feelings might be hurt a little, but he’s hoping Pearl and Merle will get along great.

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