Hunter Hayes Says There’s Always Time for a Good Relationship That’s Working

hunter hayes encoreA lot of artists who are single will tell you there’s no time for love because their time is consumed by their career, but Hunter Hayes is not one of those artists.  He tells The Country Vibe, “Talk about time, I don’t know, there’s always time for that.  There’s always time for a good relationship that’s working.”  For him, it’s a matter of finding the right person.  “I’m searching for that, trying to figure out what that means, trying to figure out what I can contribute,” he says.  “I don’t want to waste anybody’s time and I don’t want to get into a relationship and be just a pain… I want to contribute to a relationship as much as anyone else does, if not more.  And I want it to be mutual and I want it to work.”


Hunter’s first three singles – “Wanted,” “Somebody’s Heartbreak” and “I Want Crazy” have all been about love.  “I’m sort of searching, I’m sort of trying to figure things out.  And to be totally honest, I haven’t figured out a thing yet,” he laughs.  “But I’m still searching and these songs are sort of my way of trying to figure that out.  That’s my way of saying, this is what’s up.”


Meanwhile, Hunter says it’s the search for love that continues to inspire him musically.  More of that inspiration will likely show up on his forthcoming album, Encore, which is a deluxe edition of his debut CD, featuring eight new songs, including duets with pop star Jason Mraz and Pistol Annie‘s Ashley Monroe.  Encore is available now for pre-order here and will be released on June 18th.

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