Hunter Hayes Marks Time to Celebrate #1 Song


Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes just celebrated three Grammy nominations, and earlier this year he celebrated “Wanted” becoming his first #1 song.  Achieving such a milestone warranted a celebration and Hunter tells Taste of Country he marked the occasion by buying a couple of watches.  “I’m a watch freak,” he says.  Hunter says when “Wanted” went number one the first week he bought himself a watch that he doesn’t consider “crazy or super expensive,” but it was more than he had ever spent on a watch.  He laughed and said, “I’m tight like that… I’m kind of broke!”  There was actually a second watch he had a tough time choosing between, so when the song stayed at #1 for a second week he treated himself to the second watch.  Other than the watches, Hunter admits he hasn’t really taken time to celebrate all that has happened to him this year.  “I can’t take a break or think about anything but this tour… I’m programming. I’m thinking. I’m re-thinking. I’m reorganizing the show. I’m changing the setlist… I’m that annoying guy who’s always thinking. My wheels are always turning on something,” he says.  “I haven’t slowed down and hung out with my friends and processed everything. I think that’s going to happen here pretty soon. It’s a lot of big changes for me right now in my life with everything. It’s just a matter of processing that and just keeping an eye on why I’m here and what I love about it.”

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