Hunter Hayes is Afraid of a Fiddle


Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes played every instrument on his debut album, and most people would consider him somewhat of a musical prodigy who seems to be able to play just about anything he picks up, but he recently told The Country Vibe, that’s not entirely accurate.  “I completely failed a couple years ago trying to figure out how to play fiddle,” he admitted.  “It is one fretless instrument that I am afraid to touch.  I’m afraid to be in a same room as a fiddle.  I don’t know, I picked it up and tried it for like months, and then finally realized, ‘You know what, it’s not supposed to happen,’ and I just let it go.”  Hunter also says he struggled at steel guitar for a while.  “I still do.”  Not one to give up too easily though, he told us, “I may try again in the future.  I anticipate trying.”

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