Hunter Hayes Contemplating But Not Ready to Commit to Ambitious New Album

Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hayes has started “tinkering” with new music in the studio, but it may be a while before he’s ready to deliver his next album to his fans.  “I’m right at the point where it’s part of the routine, you start making your next album, but I don’t want to rush into that process and I don’t want to make it based on a time table and I don’t want to write it based on a schedule or an agenda,” he explains.  Hunter feels the pressure to start turning out a new album and he wants to make sure he contributes to the momentum of his career, but he says, “I’m now at the point where I’m experimenting [but] I’m not ready necessarily to go into new record mode because I don’t feel like I am and I don’t want to fake it.  I don’t want to say that I am and then make a new record that wasn’t whole-hearted.”



Hunter’s first album was a rather ambitious project.  He co-wrote every song, played every instrument and even co-produced the album, and believe it or not he says he predicts his next album will be even more ambitious.  He’s already written 50 – 60 songs, which sounds like a lot, but he says, “The first record had anywhere from 60 – 80.  I mean you could even go deeper and say like 100 really before we started really dwindling down to what we cared about.”


For now Hunter is thinking about his “new” record, as opposed to his “next” record, because “there’s a big difference,” but he says, “I still kind of see it a ways off, for the sake of not rushing, for the sake of not doing it the wrong way.  And so I’m in the studio now doing new music but I’m experimenting a little bit more and we’ll kind of have to wait to see how that experiment goes, but I want to try something new.”

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