George Strait Reveals One Regret of His Career


George Strait

George Strait

George Strait has a long and illustrious career that is still going strong, but he says if he has one regret about any of it, “It would be that I kind of quit writing for years.  Because starting out I loved to write and wrote a lot and then I just kind of got away from it.”  As his career progressed, George came to rely on great songs from other writers in Nashville but he says, “Now I’m getting back into it more and I’m enjoying that a lot.  I’m writing with my son and other writers, so it’s a lot of fun.”


George recently signed a deal to record five more albums for MCA Nashville and he says he plans to do a lot of writing for those projects.  When it comes to writing a great song, George says for him, the melody is the most important thing and it’s the thing that grabs him first when he’s listening to songs.  “I think that without a great melody a song’s not gonna go too far.  I mean a great melody can do a lot for a bad lyric, whereas the other way around it just doesn’t work out.  So I think the melody’s what catches my ear first.”


George just announced the final dates for The Cowboy Rides Away Tour, the final tour of his career, which will kick off in January 2014.  You can learn more at

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