Gary Allan Will Celebrate Multiple #1 Milestones This Week


Gary Allan

Gary Allan

Gary Allan is poised for a long over-due week of celebrations thanks to the success of his latest single, “Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)” and his new album, Set You Free, which was just released last week.  “Every Storm” has become his first #1 song since “Watching Airplanes” topped the Mediabase chart back in 2008.  And although the official Billboard 200 chart won’t be published until Wednesday, it is expected that Gary will have sold enough copies of his new album in its first week of release to not only top the Country Albums chart, but also to achieve a career-first by topping the Billboard 200 chart.  “It feels great. It feels great just to be back,” says Gary.  “It’s funny, I never watch the charts, because it’s something I can’t control, and it drives me batty,” he admits, “but this one, it’s been so long since we’ve had something out there, I’ve watched every inch of it and it’s been a blast to watch it go. It’s a blessing. It has…truly [been] the fastest thing I’ve ever done.”


Gary owes the selection of his latest #1 single to his team.  “I don’t ever choose. I don’t like to pick singles. I like [the label] to pick.”  But he said it was easy to turn that decision over to them because, “This whole album, I’m really proud of the whole thing – that’s the best way to feel when you turn it into the label … I’ve got a great team right now. All of our ducks are in a row right now.”

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