Faith Hill Puts a Premium on Quality Time with Family


Faith Hill

Faith Hill

Faith Hill may have a new song on the radio, a new album in the works and a show in Las Vegas, but when it comes to being a mom to three daughters and a wife to Tim McGraw, Faith Hill tells Style Blueprint she balances and juggles work and home life just like every working mom has to do.  “I try my best to stay on top of things,” says Faith.  But she admits, “Procrastination is my enemy, and when I do procrastinate, it comes back to me in spades, like a house of cards crumbling to the ground.”  She jokes that she should own stock in Post-It notes with the amount they use around the house to keep everyone organized.”


Faith says the family has dinner together most nights, and often share breakfast as well, but no matter what’s going on it’s important to her to make the time they do spend together quality time.  “I try hard to let the kids and my husband know I’m interested in what they are telling me,” she says.  “It isn’t always easy because my mind is usually full of multiple tasks. It’s a work in progress, but I realize more and more each day the value of being present for my family…quality conversations and laughter, lots of laughter.”  She also says, “Conversations in the car have become pretty invaluable, especially with two teenage girls.”


You can read more of her Style Blueprint interview here.


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