Facebook Campaign Launched to Get Blake Shelton on SNL


Blake Shelton

Blake SheltonFacebook

A campaign has been started on Facebook to get Blake Shelton booked as a host on Saturday Night Live, with Miranda Lambert as the musical guest.    If you check out facebook.com/SNLBlakeMiranda, you can like the page to support the cause.  Although the page had less than 1,000 likes at last check, probably because it was just started on December 4th, it wouldn’t seem that far-fetched to get Blake on SNL as a host, considering he is incredibly funny and he has become somewhat of the poster child for NBC these days, with his hosting gig on The Voice, his Christmas special, which will air twice in primetime on the network and even appearing on Michael Buble’s Christmas special.  On the page, the organizers say, “If Facebook can get Betty White we sure as hell can get Blake and Miranda on SNL!”


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