Eric Church Works Hard to Relieve Stress


Eric Church

Eric Church

Eric Church has said he plans to take most of 2013 off, with the exception of a few tour dates with Kenny Chesney this summer on his No Shoes Nation Tour.  If inspiration strikes he might start working on his next album, but one thing he plans to do to stay busy is manual labor on some new land he and his wife just bought outside of Nashville.  Eric tells Taste of Country, “I go out there and I chop trees down, or I lay gravel in the driveway and road… that to me, because it’s hard work, your body’s tired, and I’m not thinking about anything — I’m just doing the job. You know, whether I’m cutting down a tree or I’m filling a hole with gravel, that’s what I’m concentrating on. And I don’t have anything else to worry about.”  Eric says that kind of work is a great stress reliever, so he says, “I love that. I love to go out there and take a cooler with me and just sit out there and work all day.”


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