Eric Church Keeps It Real and Admits He Doesn’t Like Everybody

Eric Church

Eric Church

Eric Church’s new album is called The Outsiders, and there are some people who may view him as such because he forges his own path and plays by his own rules, but Eric insists his approach is just about being honest and being real.  For instance, he doesn’t do Twitter or Facebook , and he tells Spin magazine, “I’ve been very honest with the fans about that.  The music is what you’re gonna get, and the show. We’re gonna focus on it. It’s all I think about. It’s all we do.”

While some artist might choose to play nice and pretend to get along with everybody, Eric says, “I’m not gonna lie to you, maybe more than anybody — and it’s not popular in country music — I don’t like everybody. I think that’s normal. I think that’s real. I’d challenge anybody to go, not only to any industry, but go to any family, or go anywhere, and tell me if you like everybody.”

When it comes to the music, Eric is very comfortable in his own skin and with his own perspective.  While he may be competing for airtime and album sales with the crop of young 20-something artists that are cropping up all over the radio, he says, “I’m 36.  I’m not 25, and I don’t want to be 25. I know there’s kids out there right now who are 25, and they’re doing great. I still don’t want to be them. I want to be this, and I think there’s a market out there for this. I can still kick their ass, the kids — I guarantee — but I want to be honest about where we are.”

Eric’s new album, The Outsiders, featuring his latest single, “Give Me Back My Hometown,” will be available this Tuesday.

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