Drama At Dierks Bentley’s Ryman Show

Dierks Bentley

Saturday night when Dierks Bentley played his sold out show at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, there was an unexpected bit of drama that unfolded before he took the stage.  After The Travelin’ McCourys played, there was a delay before Dierks went on because an older gentleman in the crowd required medical attention.  For about 30 minutes the Ryman security and members of the audience who were presumably nurses or doctors tended to the man who had passed out in his seat.  At one point they brought out an AED (automated external defibrillator) because they were having trouble reviving the man, but fortunately they did not have to use it.  The Nashville Fire Department eventually arrived and carried the man out on a stretcher, although at that point the man was alert and waved at the crowd as they applauded for him and EMT’s who who had helped him.  It turns out, that man who had to be carried out was Dierks Bentley’s father, Leon Bentley.  According to our sources, Dierks’ dad is 80, he had just flown in from Phoenix that day, spent some time out in the sun and had a couple of glasses of wine, and apparently it was all just too much for him.  Interestingly, Dierks’ team and crew obviously didn’t want him to know about the crisis that was unfolding with his father as he was preparing to take the stage for his sold out show at The Ryman that was being taped for a television special, so they went so far as to have all the security backstage change the channel on their handheld radios so that Dierks wouldn’t hear the radio chatter about what was happening.  But just as he was finally about to take the stage, a stage hand who didn’t realize he didn’t know, said to Dierks, “It’s okay man, the EMT guys got your dad out.”  Amazingly, Dierks never let it show that he knew his dad had just been carried out on a stretcher.  Fortunately we understand Leon Bentley is doing just fine now.  The GAC/PBS Soundstage special that was taped that night will air later this year.

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