Dierks Bentley and Miss Willie Brown Swap Pranks

Dierks Bentley, Josh Thompson and new female duo Miss Willie Brown are out on the road together on the Jagermeister Country Tour and the pranks have already begun.  Kasey Buckley and Amanda Watkins, who make up Miss Willie Brown, got brave and decided to fire the first shot at Dierks.  “Before he gets us real bad, we thought we’d get one in and then go running for the hills,” said Kasey.  Josh Thompson says, “The girls approached me to see if I wanted to start an alliance with them.  I told them ‘Hell, no!’  They are on their own for this one.”  So the girls went to work completely Saran wrapping the inside and outside of Dierks’ beloved CJ-7 Jeep,” complete with some of their promo photos and a scorecard that read, “MWB – 1, DIERKS – 0”


Dierks wasted little time striking back.  Thursday night he tweeted, “so we stuffed 480 beers into every spot, zipper, and as seen here, toilet on @misswilliebrown bus. prank or gift?!”  When the girls came back and found beers literally stuffed everywhere on their bus and in their belongings, they tweeted, “Really @DierksBentley ?! Our suitcase??? There is beer EVERYWHERE!!!! Aughhhhh.”  Perhaps they drank a few while they tried to clean some of it up and later tweeted a response to his question “prank or gift,” that said, “both….we keep tripping over beers everywhere but we’re so drunk on beer that we can’t feel it, thanks @DierksBentley xoxoxo”

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