Cole Swindell is Very Single, but Not Necessarily in a Hurry to Change That Right Now


Cole Swindell

Cole Swindell

Cole Swindell is very single but he’s also very focused on his career, which might make it a bit of a challenge for him to meet the right woman.  Cole tells The Country Vibe, the right person, “is going to have to be somebody that understands what I do, which is hard.  I don’t know that I could do that.  That’s gotta be tough, but I think it’s gonna have to be somebody that understands what I do and loves me for me.”


In addition to understanding his job, Cole admits that the right woman will also have to understand that he’s been single for a long time, which means he hasn’t had to really consider someone else in his decisions and how he chooses to spend his time.  But he does say, “I just want to be known as a good guy, so obviously if I’m in a relationship I would work toward that to get better.”  That includes learning how to be a thoughtful and romantic guy.  Cole would like to believe he could be romantic, but he says, “Being single I don’t have to be very romantic.  But I think that stuff’s important and it’s funny because a lot of my songs do speak to the girls.  I try to think of maybe what guys like me would say and how they would do things, but being single for so long I think I might have to call for some help to give me some advice.”


Any talk of romance and relationships may be a moot point for now with Cole because he says, “Right now, the good thing is I’ve worked so hard for this and I haven’t let anything get in the way yet, so I’m focused on my career.  I know all that other stuff will come when it’s supposed to.”


Cole is currently out on tour with Luke Bryan, which will keep him out on the road through the end of October.  Tomorrow morning he’ll perform on ABC’s Good Morning America and he says, “I hope I get to meet Robin Roberts, Lara Spencer & the whole gang! I’m a fan!”


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