Chris Young Excited About “Tomorrow”

Chris Young

Chris Young is excited about tomorrow, both literally and figuratively.  His new single, “Tomorrow,” is one he had a hand in writing with Anthony Smith and Frank Myers, and he says, “I was just lucky to get in the room with these two guys.”  It’s already made it into the top 30 and is continuing to climb, and Chris says, “I really think we wrote the song to the wall. I think we did a great job with it, and I’m excited, and I think everybody else is gonna love it just as much as I do.”  He also wants his fans to know more music is on the way.  “I’m puttin’ all the finishing touches on the new album. We’ve pretty much got the whole thing done,” says Chris.  “You know, it’s the first new music I’ve had in, really, three years. The Man I Want to Be is, like, two-and-a-half, three years old for me.”  Chris’ new album will be out this summer.

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