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Jason Aldean Joins Guest Judging Panel for Major League Baseball’s Honorary Bat Girl Program


Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean has been a long-time supporter of the fight against breast cancer, and he will be taking his Burn It Down Tour to several Major League ballparks this summer, so the league has invited him to be a member of the Guest Judging Panel for their Honorary Bat Girl program.  Each Major League Baseball club will select an Honorary Bat Girl has been affected by breast cancer and demonstrated a commitment of “Going to Bat” in the fight against the disease.  In total, 30 women will be selected, one for each club, and Jason will join Evan Longoria of the Rays, Freddie Freeman of the Braves and Pablo Sandoval of the Giants, along with MLB Network host and reporter Sam Ryan to help select the winners.


Jason lost a close personal friend to breast cancer, so he was honored to be asked to help select this year’s Honorary Bat Girls, who all have shared stories about their personal experience with breast cancer, or the story of a loved one, and the reason why they want to represent their favorite team as its Honorary Bat Girl.


You can learn more about the program and read the stories of this year’s nominees at

Miranda Lambert Is Taking a Break from Touring and Says It’s “Kind of Scary”


Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert joked Wednesday on Twitter that she was exhausted from all the rumored separations and pregnancies she’s been experiencing with Blake Shelton, which may explain why she’s decided to take a short break from touring.  In all seriousness, Miranda has been touring non-stop since 2005 and she tells FOX411 she’s taking a short break now before her new album, Platinum is released on June 3rd.  She admitted, “This is the longest break I’ve ever had since I was 17, since I started playing music.  It’s kind of scary ’cause you just get your autopilot, and you know what you’re doing.  And then it’s like, ‘Wait a minute, do I really, do I remember how to do this?’”


Miranda has played three dates since the beginning of the year, and she has two more scheduled before she begins touring regularly again on July 10th.  While it’s a little disorienting to have so much time off Miranda says, “It’s good, too, because then your batteries are recharged and you feel like you have more to give.”


You can see a complete list of Miranda’s upcoming tour dates here.


Eric Church Releasing Vinyl Version of The Outsiders for National Record Store Day

eric church CDTo celebrate National Record Store Day, which is tomorrow, Eric Church will be releasing a limited edition, double gatefold vinyl version of his latest album, The Outsiders.  The vinyl package will include two bonus tracks and an exclusive album poster.  This is the second time Eric has released a vinyl copy of one of his albums for National Record Store Day.  Last year he released a vinyl version of his live album, Caught in the Act: Live.


The Outsiders (vinyl version) track listing:

Side 1

1.  “The Outsiders”

2.  “A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young”

3.  “Cold One”

4.  “Roller Coaster Ride”


Side 2

1.  “Talladega”

2.  “Broke Record”

3.  “Like a Wrecking Ball”

4.  “That’s Damn Rock & Roll”


Side 3

1.  “Dark Side”

2.  “Devil, Devil (Prelude: Princess of Darkness)”


Side 4

1.  “Give Me Back My Hometown”

2.  “The Joint”

3.  “The Outsiders (Extended Version)” – bonus track

4.  “Come Together” – bonus track

Blake Shelton Likes “Doin’ What She Likes” Unless it Involves Cleaning the House


Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton likes “Doin’ What She Likes,” unless it has to do with cleaning the house.  In the video for his latest #1 song he does it all, cooking, cleaning, drawing a bubble bath, lighting candles, but in the latest issue of People, Blake says, “I think if you asked Miranda, she’d tell you I cook – I love to cook. I don’t like to clean the house so that part of the video is a little bit far-fetched.”


Not surprisingly, Blake says, “Making drinks, I’ve got that covered.”  And when it comes to cooking, Blake says Miranda, “relies on me to do the grilling and I like that.  I’m good at anything that’s country – biscuits, gravy, chicken-fried steak. Look at me, for God’s sake. I cook what I like to eat.”


While fortunately he’s never burned the house down like he does in his video, Blake admits there have a been a couple times he’s caught the yard on fire while burning trash and had to call the fire department.  But ultimately, whether he’s trying to be romantic or sweet or domestic, Blake says, “When things go wrong or don’t turn out the way you pictured them in your head, you just have to go with the best intentions defense.  I have a lot of good intentions.”

Dierks Bentley is Getting “Drunk on a Plane” and #BostonStrong This Week


Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley is living bi-coastal this week as he heads to Los Angeles to film the video for his latest single, “Drunk on a Plane,” then flies back across the country to cheer his wife on as she runs the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 21st.  It’s pretty impressive that his wife Cassidy is running the marathon, because it’s one you have to qualify for by having a verifiable time in another marathon that meets the qualifications for the Boston Marathon.  Obviously the emotion this year at the Boston Marathon will be heightened after the tragic bombing that happened at last year’s marathon, which is why Dierks tweeted his support for his wife with the hashtag #BostonStrong.