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The Band Perry and Lucy Hale Headed to the Teen Choice Awards

The Band Perry

The Band Perry

The Band Perry and Lucy Hale will appear on this year’s Teen Choice Awards.  Based on the announcement, it appears they will be presenters on the show, along with Hilary Duff, Megan Fox, Kevin Hart, Sarah Hyland, Lea Michele and others.


The Band Perry is nominated for Choice Country Group at the Teen Choice Awards.  Fans between the ages of 13 and 19 can log onto to cast their vote for the winners.  The Teen Choice Awards will air live on August 10th at 8pm ET/7pm CT on FOX.

Brad Paisley Shows off His Love of Corvettes on His Tour Bus

Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley is an admitted Corvette enthusiast, so when he got the chance to design his own tour bus, he decided to trick it out with a 1960 Corvette theme.  He tells, “The inside of it is done like a high-end garage with a checkerboard theme. We have red utility cabinets, the Corvette logo and a 1960 Pennzoil gas pump mounted behind the slide-out. When the bus opens up it feels like you’re in Jay Leno’s garage.”


When Brad is rolling down the road in his Corvette tour bus he says he likes to pass the time catching up on all the TV he misses when he’s at home.  Thanks to satellite and the internet Brad says he binge watches things like House of Cards, or one of his old favorites, Battlestar Galactica.


Brad will have plenty of time to binge watch some shows as he travels around North America on his Country Nation World Tour through late November.  You can see a complete list of his tour dates here.

Dierks Bentley Says Take All the Pictures and Shoot All the Videos You Want During His Shows

Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley

Some artists are very particular about fans taking pictures at their concerts and almost always say taking video is prohibited, but Dierks Bentley doesn’t mind any of it.  He says, “I love seeing cameras in the air, and whatever people want to do, however they want to party, it’s not gonna stop us from having a great show… if people want to film the show, great!”


One thing he does find a little crazy is the selfie craze.  Fans are always wanting him to take selfies with them during his show, which he doesn’t mind, but he says, “The problem with taking a selfie is once you do one, the rest of the show people are literally throwing $400 iPhones up on stage and I’m just like, ‘That’s your phone, man!  All your contacts, your pictures, it cost $400 and you just tossed it up here on stage.’  So usually I wait ‘til the end to start taking pictures.”


Dierks also says he loves having the crowd up on their feet and having a good time during his show, but it’s not required for him to have a good time.  He remembers playing some county fairs where the rule was that everybody had to stay in their seat, and he says, “I took it as a challenge.  I was like, ‘Okay, their rules are they want everyone to sit down, I’m gonna go out there and kill this show even with everyone sitting down.  I don’t need the extra help.  I can still do it.”


Dierks is currently in the middle of his Riser Tour with Chris Young, Chase Rice and Jon Pardi.  You can see a complete list of his tour dates here.

Brett Eldredge Has a Passion for Working Out and Considers it Part of His Job

Brett Eldredge

Brett Eldredge

When Brett Eldredge has some down time on the road, you won’t often find him sitting still.  Brett says, “Working out is a passion of mine.”  He also thinks he has a responsibility to stay in shape.  “This job is more than just singing. You’ve got to stay healthy because being on the road is hard on your body.”


Brett tells the Jackson Citizen Patriot that he likes to mix things up and keep it interesting by doing things like running the stairs in whatever venue he’s playing.  He likes to do a lot of high impact cardio, then follow it up with weight training.  If weights aren’t available Brett says, “I use this great 100 push-ups app. I also use a seven-minute workout app.”


Brett, who is a big Chicago Bears fan has also been known to play some flag football with his band and crew to pas the time and get some exercise when he’s on the road.  He just joined Keith Urban on the Raise ‘Em Up Tour, which will keep him out on the road through early September.

Garth Brooks Sells out Ten Shows in Chicago to Kick off World Tour

Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks

Tickets for Garth Brooks opening night of his world tour in Chicago went on sale Friday and demand was so incredible that he ended up selling out a total of ten shows over seven nights.  It’s the first time Garth has played in Chicago in 17 years and it shatters the record he set back in 1997, when he sold out eight shows, a total of 141,717 tickets.


Dates for The Garth Brooks World Tour with Trisha Yearwood at the Allstate Arena in Chicago (Rosemont, IL) will be as follows:

September 4 at 7:30pm

September 5 at 6:00pm

September 6 at 6:00pm and 10:30pm

September 11 at 7:30pm

September 12 at 6:00pm and 10:30pm

September 13 at 6:00pm and 10:30pm

September 14 at 7:30pm


Garth is expected to announce more cities and dates for his world tour soon.