Cassadee Pope May be a Little Bit Country with Blake Shelton as a Friend and Mentor for Life


Cassadee Pope and Blake Shelton

Cassadee Pope and Blake Shelton

Cassadee Pope, the winner of season three of The Voice is a pop-rock artist, but she grabbed America’s attention and managed to beat the competition by singing big country ballads like Miranda Lambert’s “Over You,” Keith Urban’s “Stupid Boy and Faith Hill’s “Cry,” so some people have wondered if she would consider a career in country music.  The answer is not exactly, but sort of.  Cassadee told Billboard, “If you were to take Taylor Swift, make it edgier with a just a little hint of country and make the lyrics a little more mature, that would be the direction I’d like to take.”  And she’ll also have a country presence on her album thanks to her coach, Blake Shelton.  She asked him if he would record something with her and Blake said, “I would pay her to be on her record. I wish I could scientifically describe what it is about her, but I can’t explain it – she’s just one of those people destined to be a star.” 


He took a stab at trying to explain to USA Today what it is about Cassadee Pope that makes her a star in the making.  “She’s a great singer, she’s a beautiful girl and she’s a good person,” he said.  “You know, there’s a lot of those out there in this world that are trying to make it, but Cassadee Pope has this little extra magic that God sprinkled on her that makes us all want to be around her and meet her and see her and talk to her.  If you’re a guy, you have a crush on her. If you’re a girl, you want to be her best friend. She’s just a very special human being and she deserves this win.”


Blake told that he will be a champion and a life-long mentor for Cassadee in any way he can as she navigates the music business.  “She knows that this doesn’t end with our relationship now that the show is over, and I hope she understands that I don’t want to make one dime off of her in my life but I do want to see her become a superstar and end up in relationships in this business that are the best for her,” says Blake.  “And if I am the bad guy, because I have a loud mouth, and if I have to get in the way, then I will stand and be in the middle of it because I am her friend. I am her friend and will be until I die. She is a good person and deserves it.”


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