Carrie Underwood Sets the Record Straight on the Beard


Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood

The Nashville Predators are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, which prompted Carrie Underwood to make a comment about how she was not looking forward to her husband Mike Fisher, who plays for the Preds, growing his traditional playoff beard.  But when we asked her about it she was eager to set the record straight.  “I’ve gotta address the beard,” she told The Country Vibe. “In an interview, I could say 99 amazing things about my husband and how wonderful he is and how thoughtful he is and how much and how well he loves me.  And then I can say, ‘Oh, but that hockey beard, I am not looking forward to that,’ and that’s what gets printed.  And I’ve had to tell that to him too.  And I’m like, ‘I’m so sorry, I swear I talk good about you all the time!’  Nobody prints that stuff.”


Carrie tells us she is definitely cheering on the Predators as the face the Detroit Red Wings in the Western Conference Quarter Finals and she says, “I’m so looking forward to seeing them dominate… I’m so proud to see them doing well.  The Predators are a really great underrated team…  So I feel like we’re kind of the underdogs, but I think that’s kind of cool.”  Last night the Predators went up 3 games to 1 over Detroit in the best of seven series.  They return to Nashville Friday night for a shot at winning the series in game 5.



Carrie sets record straight (watermarked)


Carrie talks Predators (watermarked)

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