Carrie Underwood Promises Big Show, Dramatic Costume Changes and Duet with Hunter Hayes on Tour


Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood celebrated her #1 song, “Good Girl,” with a party yesterday at the CMA building in Nashville.  Before the party she talked about her upcoming Blown Away Tour and how she is just as excited as the fans to see what it’s all going to look like when it’s set up and ready to go.  “We are in rehearsals this week, doing all of our music rehearsals, making sure everything’s perfect and after that going to start our production rehearsals,” said Carrie.  “And I can’t wait to see everything myself cause I’ve seen so many computer renderings and stuff like that, and I’ve seen video content on my computer, so I cannot wait to actually get in there and see how everything’s gonna look and see all the moving parts.”  Carrie has said in the past that the tour would probably involve drama and some big production and she told us, “We definitely tried really hard to just make everything a really great story and there’s a lot of toys to play with.  That’s some great technology out there now and we’re able to utilize that and make a really big show.”


Of course, costume changes will be a big part of Carrie’s show and they’re also what will help keep things fresh for fans who may be planning to see it more than once.   Carrie says the Blown Away Tour will involve “a lot of very dramatic costumes and no two shows will be exactly the same as far as what I wear and when I wear it.  I like to have options.”


Hunter Hayes will open for Carrie on The Blown Away Tour and she says they definitely have plans to sing something together during each show but they haven’t quite worked out the details of that yet.  “That is the plan, yeah.  We haven’t actually tried anything yet, of course we’ll have to get in there and see what we can do, but surely we’ll figure out something,” she laughed.  “We’re both talented individuals so we’ll find some way to sing together and perform together.”  They have 16 days to figure something out before the start of the tour on September 14th in Manchester, NH.


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