Carrie Underwood Makes Minor Tweaks and Changes for Second Leg of Tour

carrie underwood tourCarrie Underwood will launch the second leg of her Blown Away Tour tonight in Colorado Springs.  Having played the first leg in 2012, Carrie says there will definitely be some tweaks and changes to the show this year.  “I mean once you do something so much you feel like just for our own sake’s, to keep us all on our toes and so we’re not getting too robotic and doing our thing, it’s important to kind of throw in some monkey wrenches in there a little bit and change some stuff up,” she says.  But she also wants to keep it fresh for her fans who might be coming to see the show for a second time.  “For people that are coming back to see us again, even those little adjustments and little tweaks, order changes and song changes I think are important for them, too, because they will be seeing something different.”


While the show won’t be drastically different, Carrie says she has tweaked the set list because she says, “I honestly feel like we play for a really long time.  Our show is like an hour 45, something like that.  That’s a lot of singing and a lot of time for people to be up, so we have tweaked a few things just to make sure the energy keeps going and keeps rising and everybody can still be just as excited the whole way through as they were at the very beginning.”  She says he main goal with the changes is to keep everybody up and feeling great throughout the show.


You can see a complete list of the 2013 Blown Away Tour dates here.

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