Carrie Underwood Doesn’t Google Herself


Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood knows there is plenty written about her in the press, but she does her best not to ever intentionally read any of it.  “I definitely do not Google myself, ever.  That’s a really bad idea.”  She does hear about stories floating around about her every once in a while.  She says, “But usually it’s somebody else will say something to me or I am just flipping through a magazine that I’m like, ‘What?  What is this about?  We went a romantic … what?  What did we do?’  It’s never intentional.  It’s always brought to my attention or somebody else will tell me.”  Carrie says one person who is guilty of reading things about her and then telling her about them is her mother.  “My mom does that and I’m like, ‘Mama, you’re gonna have to stop telling me this stuff because some of it does make me mad.  You need to quit reading it yourself.”  And she cautions her, “Don’t ever read comments below anything, ever!’”

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