Brantley Gilbert’s Prized Possession Triples in Value


Brantley Gilbert

We’ve all heard stories of country stars having to sell their prized possessions to be able to afford to chase their dream, and some have been lucky enough to buy those possessions back years later when they became successful, but Brantley says he may not get his prized possession back.  He explains, “I had a sixty-eight Mercury Cougar that we went flat broke and needed some equipment. We got rained on and we didn’t have insurance on anything. I loved this car and I sold it to a guy for four-thousand dollars. He told me that day that he’d sell it back to me whenever I wanted for four-thousand dollars. This was probably six or seven years ago.”  But Brantley laughs because he says he actually went back to the guy recently to see about buying the car back, but instead of four thousand, “He wants twelve grand for it!” While Brantley would like to have the car back he says, “I am not going to pay him that much! He’s going to have to come down a little bit.”

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